Tallinn Energy’s Approach

We are an experienced energy lender that understands the complexities and challenges of operating in Canada’s energy sector. We focus on lending to the junior market which plays an important role within the industry and feel privileged to support responsible ethical energy development. In addition to evaluating the financial, leadership and operational merits of investments, we also analyze clients’ ESG merits (environmental, social, governance).

Why ESG? By integrating these factors within our evaluation of opportunities, we believe we are investing in best-in-class companies which will provide better returns with less downside risk over the course of our loans.

Tallinn looks to build long-term relationships with our clients through mutually rewarding transactions. We are proud of our track record of follow-on financings and of funding management teams through multiple companies as they build, grow and monetize their businesses. Customer service, competitive pricing, and a long-term approach to business relationships are key to our success.

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